Russians were reminded of the rules for renting apartments

Rental agreements for residential premises concluded for a period of up to one year are not required to be registered with the Rosreestr. Obligatory registration, in turn, is subject to employment contracts drawn up for longer periods. The basic rules for renting apartments were reminded by the metropolitan administration of Rosreestr (the material is at the disposal of

“Long” contracts must be submitted to the registration authorities within a month from the date of conclusion, according to Rosreestr. The size of the state duty for individuals is 2 thousand rubles. If the applicant has an electronic digital signature, then the registration service can be provided electronically on the agency’s website.

Experts point out that before concluding a lease, it is necessary to check the documents of both parties. The list of invalid (lost, stolen) Russian passports is available on the Internet. Next, you need to make sure the information about the apartment specified in the contract is correct (cadastral number, address, area of ​​the room, description of its condition).

You should also carefully read the terms of payment prescribed in the contract (amount, repayment procedure and deadlines for payment), check information on the obligations of the parties, payment of utilities, the grounds for termination of the contract.

It will not be superfluous to indicate in the contract the maximum number of inspections by the landlord, as well as the list of persons who will live with the tenant.

“It is better to sign an agreement with a complicated version of the signature with the decoding of the full name – this will complicate the possibility for fraudsters to forge the signature and handwriting of the owner of the real estate,” the Federal Registration Service emphasizes.

The department advises to periodically check the popular Internet portals and real estate databases for the presence of announcements about the sale, purchase or re-lease of leased property.

After the introduction of the self-isolation regime in Moscow, rental rates for metropolitan economy-class apartments dropped by tens of percent. The cost of renting business class housing fell by an average of 10 percent. At the end of May, falling rates were also recorded in other major cities in Russia.

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