Russians were alerted to a fresh fraud scheme

VTB has revealed a new scheme of swindlers with an increase in transfer limits.

Fraudsters, having gained access to the online bank of a potential victim, seek to increase the money transfer limits available there in order to increase their “booty”, the press service of VTB reported.

Last year, the Bank of Russia issued an instruction according to which, from October 1, 2022, Russians can establish a ban on online transactions in the banks where they are served, or a restriction on their parameters – the maximum amount for one transaction or a limit for a certain period of time. It was also pointed out that the ban could also be placed on online lending.


VTB noted that last year they implemented a number of services aimed at additional protection of client funds from fraudsters. VTB Online users can hide account balances and set transaction limits, as well as block credit cards or an account with the ability to unblock.

“VTB has detected a new scheme for fraudsters to work with bank clients. Having gained access to the user’s personal account, they seek to increase the money transfer limits available there in order to expand the amount of money for withdrawal to dropper accounts,” the message says.

To gain access to online banking, scammers use already standard tricks: pretending to be employees of government agencies, banks and other organizations, they try to convince a potential victim that a loan is being issued to her or that she needs to change her “financial” or “trusted” phone number, told the press office.

“In order to further protect your funds, we recommend checking your account login history, blocking it or a specific card at the slightest threat, and setting limits for money transfers that suit you,” said Nikita, Senior Vice President, Head of Digital Business at VTB. Chugunov.

VTB plans to provide customers with the opportunity to independently set self-limitations for remote lending. If the client already has a loan or does not need to apply for it in the future, he will be able to contact the bank and set a limit in the digital channel on receiving credit funds online. When the client needs credit funds, he will need to additionally confirm this fact.

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