Russians began to massively receive refusals when trying to apply for a Cypriot visa

Federal News Agency |  Stepan Yatsko
Federal News Agency | Stepan Yatsko

The Consulate General of the Republic of Cyprus in St. Petersburg began to massively refuse to issue visas to Russians. Of the 50 people who applied, only two received documents.

Thus, 48 ​​Russians were unable to obtain a visa. The travel agent said that everyone had the same reason for refusal – distrust of tourists.

In addition, those travelers who were approved for the issuance of documents received not a multi-visa, but a single entry. This was reported by the portal TourDom.

According to the travel agent, the diplomatic mission received an order to limit the number of visas issued to travelers from Russia. Most of the citizens who were refused did not buy tours, but planned a trip to relatives or friends.


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