Russians are ready to pay more taxes for the poor

The majority of Russians (54%) are ready to pay high taxes if this allows the state to provide poor people with more free services, according to the results of the VTsIOM poll. 45% of respondents said that they are ready to pay more taxes if this provides them with confidence in the wide availability of public services and their high quality.

The telephone poll was held on March 2 and was attended by 1.6 thousand Russians over 18 years old. The survey data is provided by RBC.

33% of Russians noted that they would like to pay less taxes, even with the understanding that this could lead to a deterioration in the access and quality of public services. 15% said that if it is possible to completely or partially avoid paying taxes, then it is better to do it.

A progressive scale of taxation was favored by 83% of Russians, and a tax rate independent of income – 13%. Willingness to pay more taxes and at the same time to influence their distribution was expressed by 26% of survey participants, unreadiness – 65%.

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