Russian woman knocked out officials for millions of rubles for an apartment

Russian woman knocked out officials for millions of apartments

Vitaly Ankov / RIA News

In Astrakhan, a local resident got officials to pay compensation for a previously seized property. They had to knock out money with the help of the prosecutor’s office. This was reported on the website of the regional supervisory authority.

The Russian woman lived in an apartment building, recognized as emergency and subject to demolition. In 2019, the city administration took the building and the land under it for municipal needs. The officials had to either relocate all the tenants to other apartments, or pay them the cost of the seized housing.

“However, contrary to the requirements of the law, the city administration did not fulfill this obligation in a timely manner, the redemption value of 2.3 million rubles was not paid to the woman,” the prosecutor’s message said.

The supervisory authority made a submission to the acting mayor of Astrakhan, after which the municipality handed over to the landlord the full amount for the seized premises and the share of the land under the demolished house.

Earlier, in April, a resident of Moscow seized a two-room apartment near the Kolomenskaya metro station near the metropolitan department of city property. He lived in it for 25 years, although formally he had the right to only half of the room.

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