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Russian Vinnik taken from Greece to the United States, where he faces 50 years in prison

Russian citizen Alexander Vinnik is in the United States of America, he was taken to Boston on a private plane, after which he was transported to San Francisco on a business plane.

“From Boston, Alexander was given a call home. Everything happened and was framed as a kidnapping,” his family told RIA Novosti on Friday, August 5.

Prior to this, the honorary lawyer of Russia, Frenchman Frederic Belo, who is dealing with the case of Vinnik, said that the Russian was taken from France to Greece. After that, the Greek lawyer Zoe Konstantopoulou noted that Vinnik disappeared after being extradited to Greece.

On August 4, the investigating chamber of the Paris Court of Appeal made a decision on the extradition process of Vinnik in the States.

On July 29, the United States fully, and not partially, withdrew the request for Vinnik’s extradition to the United States. In France, Vinnik was serving a five-year prison sentence. He was accused of money laundering.

In addition, a month earlier, the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) banned the extradition of Vinnik from France. It was about the request of Greece.

Alexander Vinnik was detained on vacation in Greece in July 2017 at the request of the United States on charges of laundering from $4 billion to $9 billion through the VTS-e cryptocurrency exchange, which does not exist today, in addition to distributing malware to extort money. Under United States law, he faces 55 years in prison.

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