Russian Railways plans to introduce uniform food standards on all trains

The new concept of passenger catering, which Russian Railways is going to introduce on trains, involves a change in the technology for preparing and storing dishes. Earlier, the head of Russian Railways Oleg Belozerov announced plans to abandon some of the dining cars on long-distance trains.

“Only the technology of cooking and storing dishes is changing. There will be uniform standards and prices for food on all trains, ”Russian Railways said in Telegram. The company recalled that now the chef prepares food for the dining cars while the train is moving. The assortment and quality of food depends on the catering company, there are 12 of them in total, they rent 400 dining cars.

According to the new concept, sterile containers with dishes prepared under stationary conditions will be loaded into the bistro car. Ready meals will only be reheated and served for serving. The company notes that the menu will include children’s and vegetarian dishes, soups, salads, hot meat and fish, desserts. Passengers will be able to eat in the bistro car or at their place; organized children’s groups will only be fed in the bistro car.

As Mr. Belozerov previously reported, traditional dining cars will remain on branded tourist trains. He noted that the passenger’s wishes for the type of food are formed depending on the length of the route; in some cases, passengers could have preferred the format of a cafe or bistro, or heated instant food.

For more information about the plans of Russian Railways regarding meals on the trains, see the Kommersant article “Fast Food”.

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