Russian pensioners offered to pay 1.38 trillion

Deputies of the Just Russia faction said that the state was saving on indexing pensions and proposed allocating 1.38 trillion rubles for supplements to pensioners. This is stated in message on the party website.

According to the press service of “Fair Russia”, the corresponding bill today is aimed at receiving feedback from the Cabinet.

“Since 2015, the state has been saving on annual indexation of pensions. As a result, a huge debt formed before people. It’s time to pay this money, because unlike the unemployed and families with children, the state hasn’t helped pensioners during the epidemic yet (…) In the future, we propose to conduct annual indexation for all Russian pensioners, ”explained the head of the Just Russia faction »Sergey Mironov.

He also recalled that last year almost a trillion rubles returned to the budget. Then the deputies proposed to spend this money on the 13th salary, scholarship and pension, however, according to Mironov, they were not heard by the Ministry of Finance.
According to Rambler, earlier Russian President Vladimir Putin announced amendments to the Constitution in a message to the Federal Assembly. Among other things, he proposed to fix the regular indexation of pensions in the basic law.

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source: rambler

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