Russian food suppliers announced a strike

In Russia, food delivery companies are planning a strike because of fines and layoffs. Delivery Club checks the information about a possible strike, published in the Telegram channel “Rasstrig”, reports TASS on Thursday, June 4.

According to the interlocutor of the Telegram channel, some couriers do not intend to go on shifts on Friday, June 5. A courier named Shumkarbek noted that the issue of holding a rally was also being decided, “but this is not yet accurate, because many are afraid to go out.”

The Delivery Club said that during the period of self-isolation, the income of couriers increased, otherwise the working conditions of food delivery providers did not change.

“We will definitely check the message that appeared today from one of the couriers and find out its cause. And we (…) are always as open as possible for communication with couriers, ”the press service of the company said.

Earlier, the Dostaevsky food delivery service launched a large-scale advertising campaign in support of people during the COVID-19 pandemic. The idea of ​​the project is gratefulness – to express gratitude to everyone who, “despite the difficulties, continues to work and support all of us.”

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