Russian Embassy in the US: Clash of nuclear powers will have catastrophic consequences

“I would like to believe that such delusional arguments do not reflect the official position of the US military department. We proceed from the fact that Washington is well aware of the escalating nature of such reckless rhetoric,” the Russian diplomatic mission said.

It is especially emphasized that the US Department of Defense should not doubt Russia’s determination to defend its sovereignty, territorial integrity and people by all available means. Otherwise, “a risky thought experiment by military planners” could cost the United States dearly.

“Any military clash of nuclear powers will inevitably lead to catastrophic consequences,” the embassy noted.

Earlier, Vladimir Putin warned those who “are trying to blackmail Russia with nuclear weapons” that “the wind rose could turn in their direction.” And Russian Security Council deputy head Dmitry Medvedev said that Russia has the right to use nuclear weapons if necessary – in the event of an attack or aggression against the country or its allies using such weapons.

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