Russian collectors reported accelerated debt recovery

The National Association of Professional Collection Agencies (NAPKA) reported that in 2021, Russians began to repay debts transferred to collectors for a year and ten months. In 2020, this period was twice as long. According to NAPKA President Elman Mehdiyev, the shortened debt repayment period testifies to the stability of the economy.

“The maturity of the debt as such testifies to the financial position of Russians and the stability of the economy. Confirmation of this is the last year 2020, when at the moment many lost their earnings, there was a sharp change in financial behavior, many switched to economy mode, the average maturity, as a result, increased, “TASS quotes the words of Mr. Mehdiyev. According to his expectations, the average debt repayment period will return to the pre-pandemic level in 2022.

The volume of overdue debt in banks increased by almost a quarter during the pandemic. However, banks prefer not to sell “young debts” to collectors, but to give them for sale.

More details – in the material “Kommersant” “You need such a delay yourself.”

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