Russian banker accused of embezzling 775 million rubles

To accomplish his plan, he brought to the crime an accomplice, who hid from the investigation

The investigation of the criminal case against Vitaly Vavilin, the ex-president of Globex Commercial Bank JSC, has been completed. He is accused of embezzlement of 775.7 million rubles, the press service of the Russian Investigative Committee said.

The owner of Tekhnoserv AS LLC and Tekhnoserv Management LLC Alexey Ananyev also participated in the crime. He provided his companies as borrowers, who were granted loans of 12.1 million euros. After that, the partners signed an illegal compensation agreement transferring the repayment of the debt to the private company Delta Auto Group Limited, which is unable to fulfill it.

So Vavilin changed the terms of lending firms Ananyev, depriving the bank to return the loans. The defendants turned the property of Globexbank in the amount of 775.7 million rubles in favor of controlled organizations and squandered them.

Ananiev hid from the investigation, he was put on the international wanted list. Vavilin did not plead guilty, but law enforcement officers collected enough evidence and sent the case to court.

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