Russian Ambassador to Kabul: Minister of Industry and Trade of Afghanistan Azizi will visit Moscow

MOSCOW, 14 Aug – Appointed by the Taliban (the movement is under UN sanctions for terrorist activities), Afghan Minister of Industry and Trade Nuriddin Azizi will arrive in Moscow, and negotiations on the purchase of Russian oil, wheat, and sunflower oil are scheduled for August 15, Russian Ambassador to Kabul Dmitry Zhirnov said in an interview.

“August 15 in Moscow – negotiations with the Afghan Minister of Industry and Trade. The delegation also includes economists and financiers. The Afghans are planning to purchase oil, other types of fuel, wheat, flour, sunflower oil,” the ambassador said.

He added that the delegation also plans to visit Kazan.

“Such contacts are needed for the development of interregional ties,” the head of the diplomatic mission stressed.

Earlier, on the sidelines of SPIEF, the deputy head of the Afghan Chamber of Commerce and Industry said that Kabul plans to buy 2 million tons of grain (wheat) and 5 thousand tons of oil from Russia.

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