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Russia sent a note of protest to Lithuania

The Lithuanian Siauliai Bank, through which transit payments to the Kaliningrad region are carried out, announced that it would soon stop working with Russia.

Russia has sent a note to the Lithuanian Foreign Ministry in connection with the refusal of Siauliai Bank to work with Russian counterparties, Russian Charge d’Affaires in Lithuania Sergei Ryabokon said in an interview with Russia 24 TV channel.

Lithuania closed the entire cargo transit to the Kaliningrad region to Siauliai Bank, which from September 1 stops banking operations with Russia.

“When I visited the Lithuanian Foreign Ministry yesterday, I raised a question, personally handed them a note on Siauliai Bank – figure it out before September 1, there is still time,” Ryabokon said.

In turn, Ivan Nechaev, deputy head of the information and press department of the Foreign Ministry, called the assessment of Lithuania’s decision on the transit of goods to Kaliningrad “premature”.


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