Russia is waiting for a new consumption model

    After the coronavirus pandemic, the Russian market is waiting for a new consumption model. How Russians adapt to it, said in an interview with Sputnik radio, the founder, general director of INFOLine Information and Analytical Agency, Ivan Fedyakov.

    There will be no return to what happened before the pandemic, Ivan Fedyakov believes. There will be a new market, there will be a new consumption model, the expert said in an interview with Sputnik radio. The price factor is becoming one of the key in the decision to purchase, in addition, there is a gradual increase in demand for products on stocks and as part of promotional activities.

    “Demand for the fresh category has declined. The attitude of consumers to this group of goods has changed, people are forced to save, including on fruits and vegetables,” said Ivan Fedyakov.

    Demand for healthy foods will continue, but will be slightly transformed.

    “If before this the trend for healthy eating was more associated with fresh products, with craft products, now it will be more focused on industrial products that position themselves as healthy. Often there is no real benefit for this,” said Ivan Fedyakov .

    With meat products, the situation will depend primarily on the price segment.

    “Consumers will try to buy less meat delicacies – they are not associated with healthy foods and quite expensive. The population begins to actively abandon beef and moves to more affordable pork. Those who cannot afford pork switch to chicken,” he said in an interview. with radio Sputnik Ivan Fedyakov.

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