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Russia has more choice of smartphones thanks to parallel imports

The choice of flagship smartphone models in the Russian market is expanding thanks to parallel imports, the press service of the Ministry of Industry and Trade said on July 27.

“Gradually, the available choice of familiar brands and flagship models is expanding on the market thanks to the parallel import mechanism. According to retail chains, the cost of a large number of devices is at the level of February or lower,” the TASS department said.

The ministry also said that in the second quarter of this year, the Russian smartphone market has undergone structural changes. A number of overseas brands have left the country and some supply chains have been disrupted. The department noted an increased demand for smartphones in late February – early March. The Ministry of Industry and Trade said that all this was the reason for the decrease in buying activity in the II quarter.

“At the same time, manufacturers from friendly countries were able to meet the existing demand and partially compensate for the decline in sales of other major brands,” the department concluded.

Earlier, on July 21, the head of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, Denis Manturov, said that parallel imports in Russia could be canceled soon. According to him, such a decision will be made when there is an understanding that there are enough Russian products in the country.

On June 28, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a law legalizing parallel imports in the country for 2022. The government is empowered to designate goods to which certain exclusive rights provisions may not apply. Russian companies that import products without the permission of the copyright holder are protected from possible civil, administrative and criminal liability.

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