Home Business Rusal will not pay dividends for 2021

Rusal will not pay dividends for 2021


The majority of Rusal’s shareholders approved the decision not to pay dividends for 2021. During the annual meeting, reshuffles in the composition of the board of directors were also approved, it follows from the notice (.pdf) of the company on the website of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. 66.24% of Rusal’s shareholders voted for non-payment of dividends, 28.06% opposed. By decision of the shareholders, Lyudmila Galenskaya and Mikhail Khardikov were included in the Board of Directors as non-executive directors. Vyacheslav Solomin left the board, according to a statement (.pdf) from the En+ Group, which includes Rusal, the day before it also decided not to pay dividends for 2021. Dissatisfaction with Rusal’s refusal to pay is regularly expressed by Viktor Vekselberg, the company’s largest minority shareholder, Sual Partners. Details are in the Kommersant publication “Sual is waiting for aluminum dividends.” More news is on the Kommersant Telegram channel. Laura Keffer.


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