Rostelecom placed CFA on the platform of Alfa-Bank A-Token in the amount of 750 million rubles

Alfa-Bank together with Rostelecom conducted the issue of digital financial assets (DFA) for corporate and private investors. This was reported in the press service of the credit institution.

Rostelecom acted as the issuer, placing digital financial assets in the form of a cash claim for 750 million rubles, for a period of 90 days and a fixed interest income of 9% per annum.

The issue took place on its A-Token platform, where the bank also acted as a consultant and organizer Among the investors of the placement are large commercial banks, including Alfa-Bank itself, legal entities, and individuals,” the statement says.

In February, Alfa-Bank announced the launch of its own A-Token platform for working with digital financial assets.

The platform allows all categories of investors to place free liquidity or participate in raising capital for companies – individuals, financial institutions, and professional market participants. In the same month, the bank conducted a trial issue of its own digital financial assets for 10 million rubles for a pilot group of private investors.

The bank noted that this year they plan to organize regular issuance of such monetary claims to attract short and long funding with corporate clients.

In addition, there are plans to launch cash claims linked to the price of tradable and non-tradable underlying assets, as well as hybrid digital assets that involve the delivery of an underlying physical asset.

Currently, five operators of information systems are registered in the Russian Federation, which is included in the register of the Central Bank – these are Atomize, Sberbank and Lighthouse, Alfa-Bank, and Distributed Registry Systems.

The underlying assets of the issued CFAs were precious metals and cash claims in rubles. According to the Bank of Russia, by the end of 2022, 16 CFA issues were placed in the Russian Federation for a total of 227 million rubles.

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