Rostelecom intends to test 5G in the metro of three Russian cities

Rostelecom has submitted applications to the State Commission for Radio Frequencies (SCRF) to test 5G networks at metro stations in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Kazan, the Izvestia newspaper reports, citing commission materials. The operator expects to conduct an experiment at ground stations in all three cities, as well as on the underground Koltsevaya line of the Moscow metro. To test 5G underground, Rostelecom expects to receive frequencies in the 3.4-3.8 GHz range, for ground stations bands 3.3-3.4 GHz and 3.8-4.1 GHz. The application of Rostelecom will be considered at the next meeting of the State Committee for Radio Frequencies, the Ministry of Digital Development told the publication. Note that the deployment of 5G in Russia is accompanied by questions about frequencies. The 3.4-3.8 GHz band, which is used by 5G equipment abroad and is considered optimal, is occupied by law enforcement agencies in Russia. The Russian government has chosen the 4.4-4.99 GHz band as a priority for fifth generation networks. In March 2021, Vedomosti reported that the provider owned by Rostelecom ….

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