Rostec did not contact Bogatyr // Coal deposit went to Eduard Khudainatov

Eduard Khudainatov’s Colestar won the auction for the Bogatyr coal deposit in the Novosibirsk region. Rostec, which was the main competitor of Mr. Khudainatov and successfully challenged the terms of the auction with the FAS, unexpectedly refused to fight for the deposit. Now another large coal mining company will appear in the Novosibirsk region besides Sibanthracite. However, the competition for the export of coal between them is not expected, analysts say.

The Bogatyr open-pit mine, owned by Eduard Khudainatov’s Colestar, won the auction for the Bogatyr coal site in the Novosibirsk region, offering RUB 3.1 billion. with a starting payment of 1.5 billion rubles, Rosnedra reported. Another bidder – Rostec – refused to participate and withdrew the complaint, according to which the FAS issued an order to change the conditions of the auction. Kommersant sent a request to the FAS.

The reserves of the Bogatyr deposit are more than 300 million tons of high-quality anthracite, the forecast resources are 2.4 billion tons. In the next three to five years, coal reserves can be developed in the northern part of the site. For the central and southern parts, it is necessary to carry out a complex of geological exploration works lasting at least ten years.

Bids for the auction were submitted by the Rostec structure RT-Bogatyr, Colestar by Eduard Khudainatov, his own company Antares, and little-known Razrez Tashebinsky by Igor Markanov, registered in Khakassia, where Colestar’s coal assets are located.

Rosnedra established additional conditions for the auction participants.

  • The first is a guarantee of transportation of at least 10 million tons of mined coal per year by rail along the Berdsk-Novoaltaisk branch, adjacent to the Trans-Siberian Railway.
  • The second is the construction of at least five large-tonnage specialized ships for the export of coal. The ships are to be built at Russian shipyards and put into operation by the time commercial coal mining begins.
  • Third, the winner of the auction must not be an offshore company, and its founders or beneficiaries must be tax residents of the Russian Federation.

RT-Bogatyr filed a complaint with the Federal Antimonopoly Service about additional requirements for applicants. The complaint was partially satisfied. According to the FAS, the requirements for the winner of the auction in the form of ensuring the export of coal and the construction of ships may contain signs of unreasonable restriction of access to the auction. As a result, new terms of the auction should have been announced. However, this did not happen – Rostec suddenly abandoned its claims. “There is a firm position of the state, represented by Rosnedra, regarding the requirements for the investor. In its current configuration, the project is not of interest to the company, since it contains many additional conditions that entail an excessive investment burden for us, “said a representative of RT-Business Development (Rostec structure). The state corporation also does not intend to dispute the results of the auction.

Thus, as a result, a second large coal mining company will appear in the Novosibirsk region. Until that moment, the region was the fiefdom of Sibanthracite, a key asset of the empire of businessman Dmitry Bosov, who died in May 2020. It is expected that Sibanthracite will soon be acquired by A-Property of Albert Avdolyan, who has a long-standing partnership with Rostec. At its assets in the region, Sibanthracite extracts more than 14 million tons of metallurgical coal, of which about 9 million tons are exported via the Berdsk-Novoaltaysk line, the head of Infoline-Analytics Mikhail Burmistrov said earlier. However, according to him, the branch is not a bottleneck in the network, so the appearance there of 10 million tons of volumes from Bogatyr is unlikely to be noticeable.

Evgeny Zainullin

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