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Rosstat reported on the growth of Russia’s GDP in the first quarter by 3.5%


Russia’s GDP in the first quarter amounted to 34.6 trillion rubles. and grew at the level of 3.5% in annual terms, according to the latest report of Rosstat. According to the agency, in the first quarter of 2022, production growth was observed in almost all sectors of the economy compared to the corresponding period last year. The most noticeable increase in value added was in such areas as mining – by 8.6%; manufacturing industries — by 5.1%; construction – by 4.7%; wholesale and retail trade – by 3.7%, transportation and storage – by 5.4%, hotels and restaurants – by 6.2%, information and communications – by 5.9%. May 17, Minister of Economy Maxim Reshetnikov spoke about a possible improvement in the GDP forecast. According to him, the drop in this indicator may be 5% instead of the projected 7.8%. At the end of April, the agency predicted a fall in Russia’s GDP by 8.8% this year. More news is on the Kommersant Telegram channel. Anastasia Larina.


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