Roskomnadzor gave Google a day to remove prohibited content

Roskomnadzor said that Google does not filter content enough, so its traffic may be slowed down. According to RKN estimates, Google has not removed about 5,000 prohibited materials, 3,500 of which contain calls to extremism. The department gave the company a day to fulfill the relevant requirements.

“Google does not fully fulfill its obligation to exclude links to Internet resources with information prohibited in our country from search results in Russia. On average, from 20% to 30% of links to content prohibited in Russia, including websites of terrorist and extremist organizations, websites with pornographic images of minors, as well as online stores selling drugs, are not removed from search results, “TASS reports. the message of the press service of Roskomnadzor.

Director General of the Institute for Internet Research Karen Kazaryan told Kommersant that Roskomnadzor does not have the technical resources to slow down the search engine. “What is called a Twitter slowdown was in fact only a traffic interference that led to the loss of only a fraction of the data packets,” the expert explained. “In the case of Google, the situation for Roskomnadzor will be even more difficult: it has, firstly, GGC servers (Google Global Cache – a software and hardware complex from Google, designed to optimize the load on the capacity of an Internet provider when working with Google services. – “B”) within the networks of telecom operators, and secondly, a much more complex and distributed traffic delivery system with much more serious protection from interference than Twitter, ”said Mr. Ghazaryan.

According to the general director of Telecom Daily Denis Kuskov, the actions of Roskomnadzor may primarily affect the work of YouTube. “Probably, the actions of Roskomnadzor can be most noticeable on YouTube, since video content is highly dependent on speed characteristics, and it can also be noticeable for the company’s numerous product services, both paid and free, which are also used by corporate clients,” he said. is he. “Google has been working in Russia for a long time and makes good money here, so there is no particular sense for the company to quarrel with Roskomnadzor, perhaps the parties will be able to come to an agreement,” added Mr. Kuskov. If the slowdown of Google does take place, it may be “an unpleasant moment for business in Russia,” the expert predicts.

Google LLC was repeatedly found guilty of violating the requirements to remove sites with prohibited information from search results (No. 149-FZ “On information, information technology and information protection”). In March, Google paid a fine of RUB 3 million for insufficient content filtering. On April 23, the company first filed a lawsuit against Roskomnadzor. The corporation intends to challenge the agency’s request to remove 12 links. RKN said it would respond to Google’s claims in court.

More details – in the material of “Kommersant” “Google went against the system.”

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