Ronaldinho denies involvement in $61 million crypto scam

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Pro football star Ronaldinho Gausha testified before the Brazilian Congress about a $61 million cryptocurrency scam.

He denied any involvement in the 18kRonaldinho scam, which promised 2% daily profit from digital assets. A lawsuit was filed against the company seeking damages.

At the hearing, promotional materials featuring Ronaldinho were shown. According to the ex-footballer, he was never a partner of the company, and she used his name and image without permission.

He noted that the photos were taken as part of a contract signed in July 2019 with a subsidiary of fraudsters that sells watches.

Investigator Aureo Ribeiro asked Ronaldinho if he intended to reimburse investors. The football star ignored the question.

The investigation was launched in June and is being conducted by Brazil’s lower house and the Chamber of Deputies. In total, 11 suspicious organizations were targeted.

Ronaldinho did not appear at the previous two hearings in the 18kRonaldinho case due to weather conditions. This was the last chance to appear before Congress, otherwise he would have faced a fine.

Recall that in May, NBA star Shaquille O’Neal was again accused of promoting the collapsed FTX. Along with him are former basketball player Stephen Curry, NFL player Tom Brady, comedian Larry David and Japanese tennis player Naomi Osaka.

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