Rising star of Russian chanson Alexei Petrukhin performed in St. Petersburg

Performer and composer Alexey Petrukhin – a man with inimitable vocals and bright charisma. Year after year, the artist conquers the heights of the musical Olympus and wins women’s hearts. His work is real Russian songs.

With correspondent FAN Alexey shared that in his student years he had a hard time, it’s good that the family helped and supported him.

– The family, of course, helped when I was a student, when I left, they helped … Pickles, potatoes to Moscow, all this was.

As a child, the future idol admits that there were problems with vocals and singing.

– And as a child, I didn’t sing very well, to be honest. Because my mother said, I sang, well, so-so for a C grade, but there was a desire for perseverance. And then somehow he began to sing better. And I think now I sing well.

The artist connects the warmest memories with his mother.

– Mom supported, because she herself is a musician, she had her own team, she was the leader of the team, so I grew up in a musical environment, and dad was a simple driver. He loved songs and loved it when my mother sang, especially on the road.

The turning point in his career considers the acquaintance and meeting with Yaroslav Sumishevsky.

– I think that it is far from a secret that I am an artist of the production center of Yaroslav Sumishevsky. Our acquaintance happened when the guys were renting a flat. It was during the pandemic. We met, Yaroslav got to know my work better. We immediately recorded a duet for the song “Plastinochka”, released this song, immediately recorded a video and decided to work together. And now I am an artist of the production center, and now I am not the only artist of this production center. We are growing, getting bigger and bigger. Now such artists as Rada Rai, Artur Rudenko, Slava Blagov, Alexey Petrukhin have joined us.


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