Ripple works with the Bank for International Settlements

Ripple Invests $100M in Carbon Markets

August 9 Bank for International Settlements (BIS) announced Ripple an official member of its “Task Force on Engagement and Enhancement of Cross-border Payments”.

This task force is part of the “BIS Committee on Payments and Market Infrastructure”, made up of 33 organizations and chaired by Ulrich Bindseil, Director of Common Market Infrastructure and Payments of the European Central Bank.

“Interaction and partnership between the public and private sectors is a key element of the G20 cross-border payments program. Improvements in the payment systems and mechanisms that underpin cross-border payments require global coordination, collaboration and commitment from a broad range of governments and private sector stakeholders.”

“CPMI is working to bring together relevant stakeholders through collaborative working groups, workshops, consultations and surveys to ensure that the program has both a strategic perspective and the necessary expertise.”

– Events of the Bank for International Settlements (BIS)

BIS is an international financial institution made up of member central banks. Its main purpose is to promote international monetary and financial cooperation by acting as a bank for central banks.

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