Ripple Takes Roots in Major Arab Economy Through Partnership with Tranglo

Tranglo, a leading cross-border payment center and trusted Ripple partner, is expanding into the Middle East with a new collaboration with LuLu Money.

By joining forces with LuLu Money, a subsidiary of Lulu Financial Holdings based in Abu Dhabi, Tranglo aims to simplify and speed up cross-border transactions.

As a strategic move, Tranglo strengthened its partnership with this influential regional player after opening a payments corridor in the UAE last August.

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The alliance capitalizes on the unique strengths of both organizations, bringing them to the forefront of seamless cross-border payment solutions. Tranglo offers its Tranglo Connect solution, a platform that uses the entire payment process through direct API access.

Tranglo processes 80% of its payments in real-time, which is above the global industry average. In addition, Tranglo offers cross-border payment services using RippleNet.

LuLu Money is also no stranger to payment technology. The company operates Digit9, an API-first platform that allows financial institutions to provide their services to other financial institutions and fintech companies.

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