Ripple Supports Humanitarian Action in East Africa

Ripple Invests $100M in Carbon Markets

Ripple talks about CARE, a leading humanitarian organization that is positioned as one of Ripple’s main partners under its Impact program.

Ripple continues to partner with leading organizations to accelerate financial inclusion, fight climate change, and make a global impact.

To achieve its global goal, Ripple has a service extension dubbed “Ripple Impact,” which focuses on global collaboration for a fairer, more sustainable, and inclusive economy. Since 2018 Ripple donated more than $170 million to this direction.

Ripple recently took notice of CARE, a humanitarian organization that is positioned as one of the main partners of the Impact program.

With Ripple’s “Impact” product, the company is partnering with innovative fintech companies, universities, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), foundations, and social entrepreneurs to move towards a more open and meaningfully connected world.

Ripple shared the details of an interview with Michelle Nunn, President and CEO of CARE. Notably, the world-class humanitarian aid organization, working in over 100 countries to save lives, fight poverty, and advance social justice, has been a Ripple partner since 2020.

CARE is exploring blockchain and cryptocurrency adoption to expand its humanitarian aid activities.

Ripple Contribution to CARE

CARE has been able to serve 174 million people in 111 countries thanks to the massive contributions of companies including Ripple, Nunn said.

She said: “For example, Ripple has supported CARE’s work to expand financial inclusion in East Africa with women participating in savings groups, or what we call village savings and loan associations.”

“Your team has helped us successfully launch pilot programs in Kenya and Ecuador and better understand the potential benefits of blockchain in helping and expanding financial services for women.”

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