RIA Novosti: Ukrainian prisoner spoke about the execution of 8 civilians in Mariupol

He noted that the duty observer of the unit noticed a group of people at the plant and reported this to senior lieutenant Oleg Kolmachevsky, who gave the order to shoot.

“Fire was opened from a Kalashnikov, I hit a man in his forties,” the source said, adding that they were seven men and one woman who were moving along the central road.

Kulyk added that he and his colleagues asked the commander about the reason for the shooting at civilians. “He answered us that he was given an order that they were military men or spotters in disguise,” the prisoner of war explained.

Earlier, another Ukrainian prisoner confessed to the murder of nine civilians in the Volnovakha region of the DPR in March 2022. First, during the retreat, he “out of fear” shot two men. And later he killed seven people by order – by shooting twice at a residential building from an RPG.

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