Revealed the secrets of filming the Russian hit “Cheburashka”

Frame from the film “Cheburashka”

It became known how work was going on the domestic family comedy “Cheburashka”. Journalists revealed the secrets of filming a Russian movie hit.

The resorts of the Caucasian Mineral Waters: Kislovodsk, Pyatigorsk and Essentuki were chosen as the film set for the tape. It was along the streets of these cities that Gena rode a scooter.

In Pyatigorsk, filming took place in the Lermontov Museum-Reserve, as well as in the Tsvetnik park. The Cheburashka team went to work at five in the morning so as not to disturb the vacationers. True, I had to look for extras along the streets and social networks so that the frame was not so empty. It was in Pyatigorsk that the festival of chocolate and orange rain was filmed, for which six tons of fruit were purchased.

In Kislovodsk, stray dogs interfered with the film crew. They ran after Gena’s moped and barked at the transport of the hero played by Sergei Garmash.

Part of the scenes were filmed in the Sochi Arboretum. The film crew was forbidden to interact with rare plants, so the film crew brought artificial lawns and planted them with flower beds. The park was not closed during filming, so guests and employees of the Arboretum were treated to oranges.

Gena’s home was the most famous Sochi “abandoned house” – the Ordzhonikidze sanatorium. It was closed for renovation in 2010, but work began only in 2021.

For the filming of “Cheburashka”, a small area was allocated on the territory, on which the facades and part of the premises of Gena’s house were built. They also made landscaping so that the house looked like a gardener’s dwelling. After filming was completed, the scenery was demolished, writes

Filming also took place in Yegoryevsk, near Moscow, at the Pobeda confectionery factory. She “played” a chocolate factory in Cheburashka. True, the workers saw inaccuracies in the film. A marmalade shop and a conveyor for the production of wafers appear in the tape, although according to the plot, chocolate is made at the factory.

After filming in Kislovodsk, they are going to erect a monument to Cheburashka, the 360 ​​TV channel reports. The statue should appear on Karl Marx Street, where one of the most spectacular scenes of the family comedy was filmed. According to the mayor of the city Evgeny Moiseev, people began to call this street Cheburashkinskaya.


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