Reuters: US postpones revision of tariffs on Chinese goods due to Chinese exercises near Taiwan

MOSCOW, August 11 – A Chinese military exercise near Taiwan has given U.S. dignitaries an excuse to delay consideration of customs duties on goods from China, Reuters reported, citing sources.

The United States has been trying for months to resolve the issue of tariffs imposed by the administration of former President Donald Trump on Chinese goods.

According to the agency, the White House considered the possibility of eliminating some tariffs and prepared a list of tariff exceptions for US companies “which can only receive certain supplies from China.”

But the reaction Beijing for the visit of the Speaker of the House of Representatives USANancy Pelosi on the Taiwan “caused a reappraisal by administration officials who are keen not to do anything that could be seen as an escalation by China, and also anxious to avoid being seen as retreating in the face of a communist country’s aggression,” leads excerpt from Reuters.

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