Residents of the Central African Republic caught the Bangladeshi contingent of the UN mission in support of militants

© Xinhua/ globallookpress
© Xinhua/ globallookpress

Bangui, January 9th. The population of Babua in the west of the Central African Republic convicted the Bangladeshi contingent of the UN Multidisciplinary Integrated Mission (MINUSCA) of complicity with the militants. This was reported by the news agency Le Potentiel Centrafricain.

Citizens told reporters that they repeatedly observed meetings of the “blue helmets” with the leaders of illegal armed groups. MINUSCA employees handed over weapons and ammunition to the militants.

The population of Babua took to large-scale actions against the presence of the UN contingent. They blocked roads and restricted the traffic of Bangladeshi peacekeepers. In addition, the citizens of the republic called on the administration to send the gendarmerie to ensure law and order.

Central Africans have repeatedly witnessed the illegal activities of MINUSCA personnel. Earlier, the news agency Le Potentiel Centrafricain reported on the transfer of a large batch of weapons and food to the radicals by Zambian peacekeepers in the area of ​​the city of Ippi.

In addition, representatives of the Moroccan UN contingent were noticed buying diamonds and precious metals from militants. According to residents of the Bakuma community, the Blue Helmets made an agreement with the bandits.

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