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Residents of Severobaikalsk rescued children from a fire

Residents of Severobaikalsk saved the lives of three children. The man heard cries for help and ran outside. It turned out that a fire broke out in one of the apartments of the neighboring high-rise building.

“We made a decision, it was instantaneous, to save the children by simply jumping into their arms. I got up, went under the window and began to ask the girl to jump off. We met the first older girl, it turns out, both the second and the third child, we are from that window, a little boy, ”said Timur Ruzmetov, a resident of Severobaikalsk.

Arriving doctors examined the children, they were not injured, according to the Izvestia TV channel. Rescuers opened the door and put out the fire.

The Izvestia TV channel is available in packages of cable operators, in Moscow it is located on the 26th button. The channel is also broadcast live on the iz.ru website.

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