Rescue in “Yantar” // In addition to the Baltic plant, there was no one to build a special ship for Murmansk

The Baltic shipyard Yantar will build a 7 MW multifunctional rescue vessel for the Marine Rescue Service. The shipyard submitted the only bid for the tender, offering to complete the work for 6.95 billion rubles. The vessel should be built and delivered to Murmansk by December 20, 2024.

The Baltic shipyard Yantar, which is part of the United Shipbuilding Corporation (USC), will receive a contract for the construction of a multifunctional ice-class rescue vessel with a capacity of 7 MW, project MPSV06M. The protocol for determining the results of the competition is published on the public procurement website. As follows from the document, at the first stage, only one application was submitted. With the maximum contract price of 6.951 billion rubles. Yantar offered to complete the work for 6.95 billion rubles. The budget should allocate money for the construction of the ship. According to the terms of the contract, the vessel should be built and delivered to Murmansk on December 20, 2024.

The customer is FKU “Directorate of the State Customer” subordinate to Rosmorrechflot, and the Marine Rescue Service should become the operator. Now it operates two similar vessels – “Bering Strait” and “Murman”, built in 2015 according to the MPSV06 project. Another vessel of the same type, the Kerch Strait, has been under construction at the Amur shipyard since 2009 (see Kommersant on April 12).

The multifunctional rescue vessel is designed for patrolling, rescue duty, search and assistance to ships in distress, icebreaking operations, etc. Project developer – Marine Engineering Bureau. The vessel has an unlimited navigation area, ice class – Icebreaker 6. Length – 87.75 m, width – 19.1 m, design draft – 6.52 m, speed – 15 knots, crew – 22 people, special personnel – 12 people.

Kommersant’s interlocutors in the industry immediately named Yantar among the main contenders. It was also suggested that the tender could enter the Pella shipyard of Herbert Tsaturov, which has a Pella Sietas site in Hamburg (see Kommersant on May 13).

However, Kommersant’s sources indicated that the shipyard faced a tough lockdown in Germany due to the pandemic and is now unable to conduct work normally.

As part of a comprehensive infrastructure modernization plan, it is planned to build 19 ice-class vessels by 2030 to ensure emergency and rescue preparedness. On June 10, the results of the tender for the construction of a 4 MW MPSV07 rescue vessel were announced. It will be built by Renata Mistakhova, a member of the Ak-Bars shipbuilding corporation, Zelenodolsk Plant named after Gorky “. The shipyard won the tender by offering a price of 4.7 billion rubles. at a maximum price of 4.9 billion rubles. The vessel must also be delivered by December 20, 2024. According to TASS, Mr. Mistakhov, the ship is planned to be laid in the third quarter.

Anastasia Vedeneeva

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