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REN TV channel with the support of NMG Studio started filming the series “The Librarian”

The REN TV channel, with the support of the NMG Studio, began filming the TV series The Librarian based on the cult novel of the same name by Mikhail Elizarov, which won the Russian Booker award in 2008. The Librarian, published in 2007, has been translated into many languages ​​and has become a bestseller in France, Italy, England, Japan, China and Serbia.

The genre of the series can be defined as post-Soviet fantasy, postmodern thriller or magical socialist realism. The main character, Alexei Vyazintsev, who sincerely hates everything “soviet”, learns that several books by the forgotten Soviet writer Gromov have magical properties. Each of these books gives a specific effect: Rage, Patience, Power, Joy, Strength, Memory. Various groups of readers fight fiercely for them, forming a secret network of Libraries with their own code, rules and goals. Impoverished doctors and engineers, former prisoners and cops, forgotten athletes, journalists who did not fit the tone of the era – all of them have found a new meaning in Gromov’s books and are ready to die for them. The main character, played by Nikita Efremov, will have to search for the most important book – the book of Meaning.

Mikhail Elizarov, author of The Librarian: “Today is a very good time for The Librarian. I watch with caution and with hope how the replacement of the so-called old elites is gradually taking place, how the real Russia is emerging, how it is waking up. The heroes of the “Librarian” are people who gathered today and went to Donbass. Right now, his aesthetic is very in tune with the moment – it is alive as never before. Perhaps The Librarian can reflect this moment of insight in our country and in our society. Here the exact director’s vision, his author’s view will be very important. We must try to bring back the best methods of Soviet cinema and enrich them with modern possibilities. I would like this series to become popular. I want him to live his own independent life, without imposition and coercion.

Igor Tverdokhlebov, director: “I first saw the script a year ago and realized that this is an absolutely unique story with an indescribable atmosphere. I, as a director, had the opportunity to create an authentic MCU. The process of preparing for filming was very long: it was necessary to work out all the details of the setting, every storyline. The series has a huge number of characters with an incredible background. I really want to please the fans of the book and open it to those who are not yet familiar with the world of the “Librarian”.

Nikita Efremov: “We discussed a lot with Igor Tverdokhlebov (dir.) What a hero should be like. In the script, when compared with the book, circumstances were added that, in my opinion, strengthen the line of Alexei Vyazintsev. The hero lives a normal natural life and suddenly encounters something inexplicable. All key magical elements will of course remain in the plot. I’m generally interested in the topic of superpowers, maybe it will turn out to let a little magic into my life. ”

Vladimir Tyulin, General Director of REN TV: “Screen adaptation of such original works as Mikhail Elizarov’s The Librarian is a serious challenge for the production team, the director, and the cast. The “Librarian” has its own army of fans, for whom the series can be a huge gift, visualizing the world created by Elizarov using the rich tools of modern cinema. Today we perceive it not just as a fantasy, although it will, of course, be a blockbuster series that all fans of action films will appreciate. At the same time, The Librarian is a serious reflection on the recent history of our country, a reflection of an interesting era and its images. For some it will be a meeting with their youth, for others it will be an amazing, sometimes incomprehensible world. For our channel, the choice of this novel was absolutely organic. I really hope that the series will turn out to be as bright and paradoxical as its literary source, and in the film format The Librarian will find a second life.

The series “Librarian”

Stage director: Igor Tverdokhlebov

Art director: Leonid Kipnis

Director of photography: Stanislav Sharkov

Writers: Ilya Tilkin, Alexander Gryazin

Cast: Nikita Efremov, Evgenia Dmitrieva, Marina Vorozhishcheva, Mikhail Troinik, Andrei Merzlikin, Mikhail Trukhin, Sergei Epishev, Elena Morozova, Mariam Psuturi, Igor Zolotovitsky, Alexandra Ursulyak

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