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Regional adaptations of the film “Kholop” are planned to be released in seven countries


The film companies Sony Pictures, Monolith Films and SND bought the rights to release regional remakes of the Russian comedy Kholop, Vadim Vereshchagin, general director of Central Partnership (TsPSh; part of Gazprom-Media), told Vedomosti newspaper. Representatives of the companies confirmed to the publication information about the transactions. Buyers of the rights intend to release remakes of “Kholop” in a total of seven countries.

Sony Pictures plans to release a regional remake of The Serf in Mexico, India, South Korea, Japan and Spain, Monolith Films in Poland, SND (part of Groupe M6) in France. Production of the Polish version is slated to begin in August 2022 in collaboration with Russian film producers, Mr Vereshchagin and Monolith Films board chairman Mariusz Lukomski said.

Agreements with foreign film companies, according to Mr. Vereshchagin, provide for a fixed payment and royalties from all commercial film sales. The parties did not disclose the amount of the transactions.

The film “Kholop” directed by Klim Shipenko was released in 2019 and became the highest-grossing Russian film in the history of local distribution. The collection of the film in Russia, according to the Unified Automated Information System (UAIS) of the Cinema Fund, amounted to 3 billion rubles. Gathering in the CIS amounted to 3.17 billion rubles., Reports the “Bulletin of the kinoprokatchika”.

In 2021, the Cinema Fund will distribute RUB 1.6 billion among film companies. Among the companies that applied for the subsidy in May were Nikita Mikhalkov’s Trite, Timur Bekmambetov’s Bazelevs, Sergey Selyanov’s STV and Gazprom-Media.

More details – in the material of “Kommersant” “Catastrophe Shown to the Cinema Fund”.

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