Reddit Collectible Avatar Audience Hits 9.9 Million


The number of collectible avatars released by users of the Reddit social platform has exceeded 13.7 million.

Data: Dune Analytics.

The total audience of the limited series at the time of writing is 9.9 million. Among them, 7.65 million users own only one collectible avatar.

The capitalization of the Reddit project is $38.5 million.

The platform announced collectible avatars on the Polygon blockchain in July 2022. At the same time, Reddit does not identify them as NFTs and only accepts fiat for payment.

In December, the number of collectible avatars released by users approached 4.5 million.

Recall that in February 2023, a Reddit user said that he was almost kicked out of his family due to his dependence on crypto trading. Within a year, he lost $50,000 of his savings trading digital assets and started taking out loans.

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