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REALIST Festival Wins Drama ‘Friendzone’ as Best Web Series

The fourth REALIST web series festival ended in Yaroslavl on July 31st. It featured comedies and melodramas, thrillers and horrors, educational animation and documentary road movies. Starting next year, the festival intends to include screenlife, film stories, one-minute videos and serial production of online platforms in the program, Izvestia learned.

The next REALIST was held in the format of a special event Web Series Weekend, which in translation into the common spectator means “weekend festival”. This time the festival did without discussions, master classes and pitchings, and the competition program was reduced to one day, showing 22 Russian products.

“The festival has become part of the industry, and the concept of “web series” is now known to everyone. And I have to say that this web series festival is the last one. Next year in Yaroslavl there will be a new REALIST – a festival of audiovisual content with a running time of up to 24 minutes. We believe that it is pointless for the industry to come up with different names, to divide them, so we will accept all formats: screenlife, movie stories, web series, platform series, minute videos, etc. We want our festival to unite all producers, regardless of what their format is called,” said Anton Kalinkin, head of the forum.

The jury, chaired by media manager Elena Lapina, recognized the best web series of the festival’s history as the youth drama “Friendzone” – the graduation project of the Kravchuk brothers.

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