“Rabota.ru”: Russians would like to earn an average of 130 thousand rubles

In 2021, Russians on average would like to have a salary of 131.6 thousand rubles, follows from a survey of the “Rabota.ru” recruiting service. 22% of respondents want to earn more than 150 thousand rubles, 19% – more than 100 thousand rubles.

More than 5 thousand users of the service over 18 years old from all regions of Russia participated in the survey, RBC reports.

15% of the respondents would like to receive a salary from 70 thousand to 99 thousand rubles, 23% – from 50 thousand to 69 thousand rubles. 16% of respondents would be satisfied with a salary of 30 to 49 thousand rubles, 6% – less than 29 thousand rubles.

Residents of Moscow would like to earn 158.7 thousand rubles, St. Petersburg – 151.9 thousand, Krasnodar – 126.9 thousand, Yekaterinburg – 111.4 thousand rubles, Nizhny Novgorod – 109.2 thousand.

By March, the desired salary of Russians increased by 44% compared to the lockdown period, to 107 thousand rubles, followed from the previous survey by Rabota.ru. For financial independence, according to Russians, it is necessary to earn 75 thousand rubles. per month, the survey “Sberbank Life Insurance” showed.

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