QuickNode now supports XRP Ledger

QuickNode now supports XRP Ledger

QuickNode now supports XRP Ledger, energy efficient and decentralized open source blockchain powered by a global community of developersand makes it available to developers using the platform.

XRPL has been added as the 23rd blockchain protocol supported by QuickNode. Using QuickNode, XRPL developers will be able to build their business and bring web3 closer to mainstream adoption with robust blockchain solutions.

In its release, QuickNode notes that XRPL is especially useful for developers who want to build a business. With the protocol’s capabilities, developers can create innovative designs and applications for a variety of use cases, including payments, tokenization, DeFi, and more.

XRPL offers significant utility and flexibility to developers, allowing them to write in Python, Java, and JavaScript. XRPL is suitable for any independent developer or organization looking to create a wide range of use cases.

XRPL is a very profitable blockchain platform for developers looking to build businesses. Over the past decade, the capabilities of the protocol have been expanded to enable scalable blockchain development.

XRPL’s support by QuickNode solidifies its position as a leading blockchain infrastructure provider. QuickNode allows developers to focus on building high-quality decentralized applications (dApps), facilitating their Web3 strategy by simplifying node management, synchronization, and providing a complete platform. It has demonstrated its reliability and scalability in serving industry-leading projects, handling over 200 billion requests per month at over 14 locations worldwide.

In January of this year, QuickNode received funding from $60 million under Series B, bringing the firm’s valuation to $800 million. The round was led by Dan Tapiero’s 10T Holdings, with Tapiero also joining the QuickNode Board of Directors. Additional Series B backers included Reddit founder Alexis Ohanian’s Seven Seven Six, Protocol Labs, Tiger Global, and QED Investors.

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