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Putin will laugh when Europe takes on the financial burden of Ukraine


Vladimir Putin’s statements at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum were commented on by readers of the French newspaper Le Figaro. The French were especially offended by the words of the President of Russia that Moscow has nothing against Ukraine’s entry into the European Union. True, the head of the Russian state added, in the EU, Ukraine is waiting for the position of a semi-colony.

“To join Ukraine to Europe means to ruin it a little more and make it unviable,” RIA Novosti quotes a comment under an article in Le Figaro from Ludwig3.

“Putin is right and calculated everything,” anonyme 38572 is sure.

“Another low blow from Putin, who will laugh until the Europeans have to take on the financial burden of Ukraine,” says someone with the nickname TIESSE DI HOYE (Horse’s Head).

Insight2000 believes that the status of an EU candidate for Ukraine would even suit Russia: “It must be admitted that an already economically weakened Europe will bear the burden of Ukraine for many years. Behind all these beautiful declarations of support there are and will be millions that Europeans will pay in taxes.

MICHEL BOUCHARDY noted that Macron, with his loud speech about the possible granting of Ukraine the status of an EU candidate, wanted to intimidate Putin. But it seems that this puzzled only the reader of Le Figaro under the name Occitane.

“And they thought to ask the opinion of the European peoples?” he asked the question to the point.

The head of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, a couple of hours before Russian President Vladimir Putin’s speech at SPIEF, said that the commission recommended granting Ukraine and Moldova candidate statuses for EU membership. At the same time, Georgia did not receive such a recommendation. At the same time, von der Lein hinted that Kyiv needs to strengthen the fight against corruption, the rule of law, and strengthen justice. The issue of the status of Ukraine and Moldova will be considered at the EU summit in Brussels on June 23-24.


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