Putin responded to Deripaska’s criticism of the Central Bank

Russian President Vladimir Putin commented on the criticism of businessman Oleg Deripaska against the Bank of Russia. The President believes that “the truth is in the balance of interests.”

Speech by Vladimir Putin at SPIEF-2021. the main thing

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During the plenary session of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, moderator Stanislav Natanzon asked to comment on the statements of Mr. Deripaska, which he publishes on his Telegram channel. The moderator of the session read out the message: “Deripaska wrote that the Central Bank“ squeezes money for business, ”“ the rates are too high, it is impossible to develop. ”“ Those who take want to take money at a cheaper rate, and those who give must follow macroeconomic indicators. ” – said Mr Putin.

Earlier at the SPIEF, Mr. Deripaska called for expanding the bond market in order to reduce the dependence of individuals and legal entities on banks. In March, when the Central Bank raised its key rate for the first time since 2018, the businessman said that the regulator is pursuing political goals, and “Western” partners “will not fail to take advantage of the situation and further fuel the fire of social discontent, invigorating the opposition.”

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