Putin offered banks to reimburse small business commissions for URS by the end of the year

President Vladimir Putin has proposed that banks reimburse small and medium-sized businesses fees for using the Fast Payment System (FPS) by the end of 2021. According to the head of state, the authorities will support banks from the budget. The president also asked to speed up the adoption of the law on exemption of small businesses from tax reporting.

“I propose for the period until the end of the year in full, I think that for people who are engaged in this type of activity – small and medium-sized businesses – it will be good news for them to fully reimburse small and medium-sized companies for the commission they paid for using the System fast payments, ”said Mr Putin at SPIEF 2021. The measure can be introduced for transactions between companies and individuals.

Speech by Vladimir Putin at SPIEF-2021. the main thing

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The President noted that the cost of UPS services in this case will be zero. “We discussed with colleagues, a representative of the Central Bank, in order not to demotivate financial organizations, they will need to be supported to a certain extent by the budget,” the head of state added. Also, Vladimir Putin called on the largest banks to connect to the SBP by July 1. According to the law, systemically important banks must connect to the SBP before September 1.

The president called on the parliament and the government to pass a law on tax exemption for small businesses in the near future. He recalled that the bill was adopted in the first reading in 2020. “But since then, work on it has stalled. I ask you to bring it to an end in the near future, ”the head of state said.

About the issuance of loans by banks to small and medium-sized businesses – in the material of “Kommersant” “Small business, yes borrowed.”

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