Putin Links Russia’s Technological Security to the Creation of Engineering Schools

Russia needs its own engineering schools so as not to send gas turbines for repairs abroad, Russian President Vladimir Putin said.

“Now they’re saying: these cars will be returned, at least one will be returned. But in what capacity will they be returned? What are the technical parameters after this planned repair is completed? Maybe … they will take it at some point and turn it off .. And that’s all, and Nord Stream 1 will stop, because they came from there, from Canada. It really is of great importance. We need our own engineering schools, “Putin said at the Strong Ideas for a New Time forum.”

Nord Stream, Gazprom’s main gas supply route to Europe, has been shut down for scheduled maintenance from 11 to 21 July. It includes testing of mechanical components and automation systems, the operator of the highway Nord Stream AG reported. At the same time, since mid-June, gas supplies through the Nord Stream have been carried out in a limited mode – at the level of 40% of the throughput capacity. Gazprom explained this by delays in the repair of German Siemens turbines, which were used at the Portovaya compressor station to supply gas to the pipeline. The turbines were sent to Canada, which initially wanted to detain them as part of the sanctions.

The current situation has given rise to fears in Europe that after the completion of the maintenance of the Nord Stream, Gazprom will not resume deliveries along the main line at all.

Later, information appeared that Canada sent a Siemens turbine for Nord Stream to Germany last Sunday, July 17, it is being transported by plane, it should be in Russia by July 24.


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