Home Business Putin: home is safer – those who did not hear lost millions

Putin: home is safer – those who did not hear lost millions


Russian President Vladimir Putin, speaking at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, said that recent events – referring to the sanctions and asset freezes – have shown that “homes are safer.” According to him, those who did not want to hear this message lost millions of dollars. He also called on businesses to invest in the domestic economy, like patrons of the Russian Empire. “Home is safer. Those who have not heard this message have lost hundreds of millions of dollars… Do not step on the old rake, invest here. Invest in the creation of new businesses and jobs, in the development of tourism infrastructure, support schools, universities, healthcare, social services, culture and sports. I know that many people do this,” the president said. In this regard, the president noted that well-known patrons of the Russian Empire, such as the Morozovs, Dadashev, Tretyakov and Mamontov, saw the same business mission. “Many Russian, Tatar, Buryat, Chechen, Dagestan, Yakut, Ossetian, Jewish….

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