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Putin explained where horror stories about Russia come from


It’s already white nights in Petersburg. And in our country this is not an astronomical phenomenon of northern latitudes, as everywhere in the world. Well, you think the day is longer, then it will be shorter. For Russia, unlike in other countries on the same parallel, white nights are a cult image of our perception of the world. This is when everything is sharper, more frank, cleaner and closer to eternity. We are surprised, but there is nothing similar in the culture of peoples and cities on the parallel of St. Petersburg. Not in Helsinki (Finland), nor in Oslo (Norway). And this wealth of perception is our specialty, which Russians are generously ready to share.

The main event of the week is the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum. After all, it is no coincidence that, according to tradition, it is dedicated to the white nights on the eve of the Scarlet Sails graduates’ holiday. After all, even so, Russia calls on everyone to see what we can already clearly see.

Of course, the mood of the current forum was different from the previous ones. The special operation in Ukraine has aggravated the agenda, relations with the West have become more honest – in the sense that there are no omissions and ambiguities. Everything was exposed, as if in a white night. Quite clear and before us appeared the task. “In order to continue to achieve success, we must assess the situation as honestly and realistically as possible, be independent in our conclusions, of course, believe in our strength, this is very important. We are strong people and we can cope with any challenge, like our ancestors, we will solve any problem – the entire thousand-year history of our country speaks of this,” Vladimir Putin said.

The forum is not just a large-scale business platform, it is also a factor in global politics. Against the backdrop of sanctions pressure, Russia managed to demonstrate the stability of its economy. The predictions of skeptics did not come true. And this is a clear sign that the era when the West dominated world affairs is in the past.

Dozens of states, including the most powerful economies of India and China. African countries are represented. Emirates. Latin America. Special guest – Egypt. Pavilions and stands are scattered throughout the halls. Everything suggests that Russia, despite the sanctions, is still of great interest to investors from all over the world. Especially against the background of how the West tramples on its own principles. Even the inviolability of property has, in fact, been abolished. Confidence in the world’s leading currencies has been undermined. The unipolar world turned out to be a road to nowhere.

“The flaw lies in the very idea that there is one, albeit a strong, power with a limited circle of close or, as they say, states admitted to it. And all the rules of business and international relations, when it becomes necessary, are interpreted solely in the interests of this power, as they say, work in one direction, the game goes in one direction.A world based on such dogmas is definitely not stable.The United States, having declared victory in the Cold War, declared itself the messengers of the Lord on Earth, who have no obligations, but there are only interests. Moreover, these interests are declared sacred. They do not seem to notice that over the past decades new powerful centers have been formed on the planet and are louder and louder declaring themselves. These changes are of a fundamental, turning and inexorable nature,” Vladimir Putin said.

Countries where 80% of the population live, including the leaders of the planet’s economic growth, did not join the sanctions.

“We are ready with Russia to open development prospects and take advantage of growth opportunities in order to make a worthy contribution to deepening global cooperation and shaping the common destiny of mankind,” said Chinese President Xi Jinping.

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi also greeted the guests of the forum via video link: “Egypt is proud of its historical friendship with Russia and the development of relations in various sectors of the economy. In recent years, our countries have participated in major projects and achieved success together.”

President of Kazakhstan Tokayev personally flew to St. Petersburg. “The very geography and history suggests that we have to be together and work in very specific conditions,” he said.

But Western politicians are not strong enough to recognize the irreversibility of the changes. As a result, the new strategic weapon of the West is the culture of cancellation. And all this – from their own impotence. After all, it was not possible to destroy the Russian economy.

“If they are exceptional, then everyone else is second-rate. Hence the irrepressible desire to punish, economically crush those who stand out from their general ranks, do not want to blindly obey. it is clear why this propaganda campaign was inflated, where all these spells about a dollar for 200 rubles and about the collapse of our economy as a whole come from. All this was and remains an instrument of information warfare, a factor of psychological impact on Russian society, on domestic business circles, ” – said Vladimir Putin.

The Russian economy is adapting to new conditions. But Europe and the United States, on the contrary, were under attack because of their own steps.

“According to experts, only direct countable losses of the European Union from the sanctions fever over the coming year may exceed $400 billion. Inflation in individual eurozone countries has already exceeded 20%. I was talking about our inflation, but the eurozone countries do not conduct any special military operations. And their inflation has risen to 20%. The highest inflation in the last 40 years,” Vladimir Putin said.

The continuation of the thoughtless economic policy of the West is a political crisis. Democratic institutions formally exist, but the people who win elections have long been cut off from the national interests of states.

“Sometimes you look at what is happening there, what forces come to power, it all looks like a screen, because political parties that are similar, like twins, change each other in power. However, the very essence of this does not change. The real interests of citizens, the national “businesses are being pushed further and further to the backyard, to the periphery. Such a separation from reality, from the demands of society will inevitably lead to a surge of populism and the growth of extreme radical movements, to serious socio-economic changes, to degradation, and in the near future, to a change of elites,” Putin emphasized.

At the same time, Western elites do not want to be held responsible for their own decisions. They are trying to shift the blame to Russia, linking the economic problems that have been accumulating for a long time with a special operation to protect the Donbass. But Biden went further, linking inflation directly to the name of the Russian president.

“Recently, I’ve been hearing more and more about the so-called Putin inflation in the West. Every time I see this, I think, who is this stupidity designed for? Those who can’t read and write. That’s all. People who at least they know how to read, they understand what is happening.Russia and our actions to liberate Donbas have absolutely nothing to do with it.Today’s rise in prices, inflation, problems with food and fuel, gasoline, and energy in general are the result of systemic mistakes in the economic policy of the current US administration and European bureaucracy. For them, the start of our operation in Donbas is a lifeline that allows them to blame their own miscalculations on others, in this case, on Russia,” the head of state said.

For eight years, the NATO bloc has been turning Ukraine into an anti-Russian foothold, turning a blind eye to Kyiv’s actions against the Donbass. But for Russia, security, the future of Donetsk and Luhansk is a matter of principle.

The forum has its own pavilion near the Donbass. And the inscription “We are together!” speaks for itself. Right here you can help the civilian population. Choose a grocery, children’s or medical kit. And a specific city, district in the DPR or LPR. The people’s republics now need support, but at the same time they are building full-fledged cooperation with the Russian regions.

There is a lot of work to be done. And above all, the construction of housing, the restoration of the social sphere.

“The Tula region will start working on the restoration of the Livoberezhny district of the city of Mariupol in the near future. We perfectly understand what forces and means are needed,” said Alexei Dyumin, the governor of the Tula region.

“There is already an understanding that St. Petersburg, the Tula region are taking patronage over Mariupol, and the Moscow region will take over a certain part. Synchronization in all areas is important for us. This, of course, is also education. to Russian standards, our universities are accredited, and our graduates receive Russian-style diplomas,” said Denis Pushilin, head of the DPR.

“We are starting with introductory modules for teachers, head teachers of schools. They will come to Sirius, get acquainted with what we have done, and from September we will launch a comprehensive program of 3-5 years to accompany the educational process in both the LPR and the DPR , and those children who have moved and are now studying in Russian schools. We have repeatedly met with teachers who have also moved or are now working with them,” said Elena Shmeleva, Chairman of the Sirius Federal Territory Council.

The conversation turns to the fate of the liberated territories of Ukraine.

– Probably, not a single discussion is possible without Ukraine now. Do you know what most people in our country are afraid of right now? This is the same thing that people in the liberated territories are afraid of. People are afraid that we will quit and leave. We won’t leave?

– Of course, we will protect the interests of those people for whom our guys are fighting there today, getting injured and dying. It’s impossible otherwise. What are these sacrifices for? Of course, we will support these people who live in these territories. But in the end, their future will depend only on the people who live there, and we will respect any of their choices,” the President assured.

Vladimir Putin again returns to the events on the Maidan, which the West is now trying not to remember: “President Obama called me: let’s make everything calm down there. way. Go to the polls and win. No. For some reason it was necessary to carry out a coup d’état. And a bloody one. It all started with this. Now they say: let’s not remember this. No! We will always remember this, because this is the reason. And the reason is in those people who contributed to this coup.”

And now the West is again trying to impose on others its rules of the game based on double standards.

“When the same Kosovo was separated, under pressure from Western countries, the International Court of Justice decided that, in accordance with the UN Charter, when a territory is separated from the state, it is not necessary to ask permission from the central authorities in this regard. This is the decision of the International Court of Justice. With regard to Kosovo. It is of a general nature. This is a good precedent. Then the republics of Donbass should not ask permission from the Kyiv authorities. They declared their independence. In this regard, we had the right to recognize them? Of course we did! We did it. We concluded with mutual assistance treaty. And in accordance with this treaty, as well as Article 151 of the UN Charter, we provide them with military assistance. We had the right? We had! in full accordance with the UN Charter. Like it or not. precedent. Therefore, our actions are absolutely legitimate. And the beginning of hostilities in the same Iraq is not like that, “Putin stressed.

But at the same time, when Russia defends its interests, it is immediately labeled as an aggressor. And the world is being threatened with nuclear war.

“Where does this kind of rhetoric come from? From their own statements. Now one irresponsible politician blurts something out, then another. And at a very high level. Are we going to be silent? We respond accordingly. and they say: “But Russia is threatening. We are not threatening anything. But everyone should know what we have and what we will use if necessary to protect our sovereignty. These are obvious things,” Putin recalled.

Russia intends to remain an open country, but will consistently protect national interests.

All the tasks of the special military operation will certainly be solved. And the guarantee of this is the courage and heroism of our soldiers, the consolidation of Russian society, whose support gives strength and confidence to the Russian army and navy, a deep understanding of the rightness and historical justice of our cause, the building and strengthening of a strong, sovereign power. Russia,” Putin said.

And, as the forum showed, Russia has enough resources to look confidently into the future.



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