Putin called it useful to compensate Ukraine for damage to the new territories of the Russian Federation

The topic was raised by Elena Shishkina, a member of the presidium of the Free Donbass public movement. According to her, public commissions are working in the Donbass to calculate the damage caused by Ukraine. The calculated amount is already more than 1.3 trillion rubles and continues to grow. The European Court of Human Rights ignored claims on this topic.

Compensation by Ukraine for the damage caused to the Donbass, its inhabitants, and all the new territories of Russia “will definitely not be superfluous at all,” Putin said. “But, I agree with you, it’s pointless to wait for something from Ukraine, and we need to help people who have lost their living quarters,” the president said.

He also agreed that “the neo-Nazi regime and the actions of this regime must be judged.”

During the conversation, Vladimir Putin also said that he would instruct the Prosecutor General’s Office to stop, for lack of corpus delicti, all political cases initiated by the Ukrainian authorities against residents of new Russian regions. In addition, he allowed the creation of a general body or state commission to fix the crimes of the Ukrainian regime, especially the shelling of civilian residential areas.

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