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Putin: business inspections can be abandoned forever


Russian President Vladimir Putin, speaking at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF), said that “there are reasons to permanently refuse to check all Russian businesses”, whose activities are not associated with the risk of harm. According to the president, after the abolition of inspections of businesses in March, the statistics on violations fell. According to Vladimir Putin, Russia’s long-term development will be based on entrepreneurial freedom. The President said that the authorities will continue to reduce the administrative burden. He demanded not to “bring under the article” a business that operates without licenses after their revocation by Western partners. In addition, Vladimir Putin instructed to prepare amendments on revising the grounds for detaining businessmen by October 1. The President believes that it is necessary to thoroughly approach the decriminalization of certain economic crimes. Vladimir Putin appealed to the Security Council and urged to deal with cases when criminal cases are initiated without sufficient ….

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