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Putin believes that tougher punishment worked


            In Russia, the number of road accidents involving drunk drivers has decreased.  This is due, according to President Vladimir Putin, with the tougher punishment.  The head of state stated this during a meeting with Deputy Prime Minister Marat Khusnullin, the broadcast was conducted by the Smotrim media platform.
        <p>The deputy chairman of the Cabinet, in turn, cited statistics according to which the accident rate on the roads in the country decreased by 7% in total over the year.  If we talk about accidents with drivers in a state of intoxication and because of bad roads, then in both cases it decreased by 22%.  Marat Khusnullin stressed that this is a very high figure.

The statesman, during a conversation with Vladimir Putin, said that the plans for this year in the field of road safety would be fulfilled. According to him, this is very much affected by road repairs.

In July last year, the President of Russia signed a law toughening the responsibility for re-driving a car while intoxicated.

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