Putin: Bad Propaganda Against Nord Stream 2 Blows People’s Heads

President Vladimir Putin argues that Nord Stream 2 carries no political risks. He called the information that the construction of the gas pipeline is connected with politics “bad propaganda”.

“There are no country political risks here. And there is no need to pay money for transit. It is more economically feasible … They said this a hundred times, and still some bad propaganda boggles people’s heads that this is some kind of politics here, bypassing someone and so on, “Mr. Putin said at the SPIEF -2021. He noted that the final consumer of gas in Germany will receive it cheaper than “through transit through several European countries.”

Speech by Vladimir Putin at SPIEF-2021. the main thing

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The Russian President believes that the project must be implemented if the United States wants friendship with Europe. “I think that it should be implemented, especially in conditions when the new American administration says that it wants to build good relations with its main partners in Europe,” the head of state said.

Vladimir Putin called Russian gas the cleanest in the world. According to him, Gazprom produces only 11% by hydraulic fracturing, while the USA – 77%. “What is produced for Nord Stream 2, directly swaying out of the ground, there is no hydraulic fracturing at all, and hydraulic fracturing is, from an environmental point of view, catastrophically simple in terms of production,” the president said. Earlier, the head of the US Department of Energy Jennifer Granholm said that Russia is “the dirtiest form of natural gas on Earth.”

The President of Russia also today, June 4, announced the completion of the laying of the first string of Nord Stream 2. It can start shipping in about ten days. The second string will be completed within one and a half to two months.

In May, the United States announced the imposition of sanctions against 13 Russian vessels and four companies involved in the construction of Nord Stream 2. At the same time, Washington decided not to apply sanctions against the operator of the Nord Stream 2 AG project and its management.

Details – in the publication of “Kommersant” “Vladimir Putin announced the completion of the first string of Nord Stream 2”.

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