Prosecutor General proposed to introduce a moratorium on business inspections

Russian Prosecutor General Igor Krasnov suggested to President Vladimir Putin to postpone the introduction of new types of business inspections until it is determined how exactly they should be carried out. He also urged entrepreneurs not to hesitate and inform prosecutors about their violated rights.

“Last week I turned to the head of state and the government with a proposal to accelerate the adoption of statutory provisions on the types of state and municipal control that determine the procedure for their organization and implementation,” said Mr. Krasnov in an interview with RIA Novosti at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum ( SPIEF).

The Prosecutor General considered it necessary to cancel the inspections in the event that these provisions are not developed at the time of the formation of the agency’s plan of control measures for 2022.

In addition, he called on businesses to more actively report violations of their rights. “Today there are many channels of feedback available, so I urge all business entities not to hesitate and inform us about the violation of rights in order to promptly take measures of the prosecutor’s response,” said Mr. Krasnov

In April 2020, a government decree entered into force, according to which it is prohibited to conduct scheduled and unscheduled inspections of small and medium-sized businesses until December 31, 2020.

In October, Russian President Vladimir Putin proposed extending the moratorium on scheduled inspections of small businesses until 2021. As Mr. Putin noted, this will reduce both the administrative and tax burden on tens of thousands of companies.

How a moratorium on inspections can help entrepreneurs – in the material of Kommersant FM, “The authorities postponed inspections of business.”

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